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Negotiating as an Agent

Negotiating as an Agent

As an Agent, you’re responsible for finding a Club for your players.
You can earn $MFL, the in-game currency, by agreeing to a contract with the owner of the Club they will play in.

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To make negotiations easier, you can set availability settings for your players, so that Clubs know what kind of offers you’re looking for.

Set the availability of your players

To access the settings:
Head to the Players tab in myHQ
Click on the three dots next to the player's name

To set your players' availability for contract offers:
Set a minimum Division clubs must be registered in in order to make an offer for your player. Clubs from lower tiers than stipulated won’t be able to send in any offers.
Define a minimum revenue share percentage. Clubs may only submit offers that match the figure you set.
You can even toggle auto-accept so that the first suitable offer from clubs for your players is automatically accepted!

Setting Frederik Madsen’s contract availability

Signing players to your own Club

If, as the Club’s owner, you want to sign players from your own agency to your team, you may set the revenue share percentage to 0%.
That way, you will be able to keep that budget to complete the rest of your squad with players you

Another way to find a club for your players is to let club owners on the MFL Discord know you're willing to negotiate! Use the dedicated #free-agents channel to do that.

Updated on: 09/05/2024

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