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Setting your Tactics

Setting your Tactics

As a Club owner, you're also the Manager.
Time to show your inner tactician by setting your tactics. Get the most out of your squad and crush the opposition!

Once in the Tactics page of your club's management interface, you can decide on your starting eleven, the formation you'll use, your team's captain, and team instructions.
Let's go through each of these!

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Selecting your formation and starting XI

Select a formation from the dropdown list.
Managers usually opt for formations that match their playing style, the players they have available... or, ideally, a bit of both.

For each position on the pitch, select a player from the squad list.
First click on the vacant position, then select a player from the table beside the pitch. Once you've clicked on a vacant position, the table is automatically sorted to show the players who are the most familiar with the position you selected.

Don't forget to click on Save once your 11 is complete!

In the example below, I have selected 3-4-3 and am about to select E. Wittman at Striker. Sewane, my highest-rated striker, is already lined up as a Left Winger, hence the choice to opt for my second-best rated natural Striker.

Select my starting eleven

Selecting a Captain

Select a Captain for your team by clicking on the C icon in the tactics screen
A boost will be applied to the Captain as well as his teammates.

The Captain boost is applied to different attributes based on the position the captain occupies on the pitch!

Team Instructions

Team instructions are a game-changer, allowing managers to control how their players behave as a team both when in and out of possession.
Learn all there is to know about Team Instructions in this article and check out this video from value community member Calvinator:

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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