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How are MFL Players generated?

How are MFL Players generated?

When generated, each MFL player is randomly assigned visual traits, personal information, and attributes. Because of the millions of possible combinations during the minting process, each player is guaranteed to be a unique NFT.

Players are dynamic assets that evolve and follow different career arcs depending on their characteristics and interactions with MFL users.


MFL Player profiles contain the identification details that set them apart visually and administratively.


The first—and most striking—layer of a player's identity is his appearance. MFL players are minted with a unique set of visual traits, giving each of them a distinctive look. The traits come in varying levels of scarcity, meaning some players will inevitably sport extremely rare combinations of features and stand out from the rest. Players' visual identities are randomly generated and cannot be altered.

Each MFL player is visually unique

Personal Information

Up next is the players' personal information. These characteristics are also given to players at random during the minting process.

Name and Nationality
Names and nationalities are generated randomly and taken from real datasets. We used the Top 50 countries in the FIFA world rankings at the time of creation to determine which ones would originally be represented, and at what scale. The top real-world football nations have a larger pool of players in MFL, while lower-ranked countries have fewer.

Age and Height

Position(s) and Preferred Foot
MFL players have a primary position, which is the first one listed on their profile. The primary position also makes an appearance on the card design.
They may have up to two secondary positions listed on their profile. Players will feel more at ease—and perform slightly better—when playing in their primary position rather than one of their secondary positions.

Learn more about player positions here


Core Attributes

Learn all about players' core attributes here

Hidden Attributes

Player Potential (POT)
Player Longevity (LON)

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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