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What are player Attributes?

What are player Attributes?

There are six core attributes in MFL. Players are assigned a rating, ranging from 0 to 99, that indicates their level of skill for each of these attributes at any given point in time.

The 6 core attributes & the OVERALL rating

OVERALL (OVR)Weighted average of a player's attributes, depending on position.
PACE (PAC)Indicates how fast a player can move on the pitch.
SHOOTING (SHO)Reflects a player's ability to shoot the ball, and convert shots into goals.
PASSING (PAS)Illustrates a player's passing and crossing accuracy.
DRIBBLING (DRI)Represents a player's ball-control skills, and ability to evade tackles or get past opponents.
DEFENSE (DEF)Denotes a player's overall defensive prowess and ability to win the ball back or block shots.
PHYSICAL (PHY)Indicates a player's endurance, ability to pressure opponents and win duels.

Later iterations of the game may include sub-attributes that reflect a player's level of competency in more specific areas of the game. In future versions, a player's Pace rating could, for example, be calculated by averaging his Speed and Acceleration sub-attributes.

OVERALL (OVR) Calculations

OVR is a formulaic average of the 6 attribute ratings. As such, it serves more as a general indicator of the player's ability, rather than a definitive measure of their in-game performance.

Depending on the player's position on the pitch, the attributes are given varying degrees of importance when calculating the OVERALL rating. For instance, a Striker's SHOOTING rating weighs more toward his OVERALL rating than his DEFENSE rating.

How OVR is calculated per position

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Updated on: 19/03/2024

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