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Building your first Team

Building your first Team

Got your first Club License, gave it an identity, and are ready to start signing players? Let's go over how you can build your first squad to get prepared for competition.
For many MFL competitions, it is required that you have at least 18 players under contract. You can have a maximum of 25 players signed to your club at any given time.

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Signing players to your Club

As a Club owner, you’re of course looking to fill up your squad ahead of the upcoming competitions!
The better your team does during the season, the more $MFL you will earn.



When the Transfer Window is open, you can head to the Scouting page, which contains the full database of MFL Players.
You can sort players by availability, skill, position and much more, and make contract offers for players who fit the bill.

You can see whether the transfer window is open, and if it is, when it will close, on the Scouting page. Find the season schedule in the Competitions page to see upcoming transfer windows and plan ahead of time!

The Scouting page, from which you can offer contracts to players

Making contract offers

Offering a contract is straight-forward.

Set the proposed revenue share (see: What is Revenue Share Percentage?) and duration of the contract, and it will be sent to the player’s Agent for review.
If approved, the player will join your ranks, be counted toward the 25 player slots in your team, and suit up for your Club for the duration of his contract.

Contracts roll over automatically at the beginning of a new season, unless specified otherwise by either party (agent or club owner). You can disable the auto-renewal of contracts from the Contracts page.

Updated on: 09/05/2024

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