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How can I get my first Players?

Get your first player and become an Agent!

To become an Agent in MFL, you need to acquire players.

There are two primary methods to do so.

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- Buy Player Packs
- Buy Players from the marketplace
- I have players - what now?

Open new Player Packs

The first method is to experience the thrill of ripping packs open and discovering new talent firsthand. You might just uncover hidden gems as part of your haul!

New users have 3 Starter Packs reserved for them in their account.
Get yours now to get your first recruits, begin your player agency and start earning $MFL: The in-game currency

Pack Drops happen periodically, and we always announce them in advance on Discord, X and on the MFL Webapp.
Be there on time when it’s drop day, as supply is limited. You can view past and active drops here

MFL Starter Packs

Scour the Marketplace for talent

If you prefer a more strategic approach, explore the Marketplace to find players that suit your requirements!
Acquire their services from other Agents and start your own player agency through the secondary market.

More info about the Marketplace here

I already have players

Congrats on getting your first clients! Here's what you can do now:

Find your players a Club
As an Agent, you can now find a Club for your players, and watch them perform in their new home during the season. Witness their development, track their journey to stardom (hopefully!) and earn rewards thanks to their play!

Upgrade your MFL career by becoming the owner of your own club
Build your own institution to unlock the full experience and start competing with your team!

Updated on: 09/05/2024

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