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How can I buy Packs?

Purchasing Packs

Packs serve as a primary method for acquiring players and Club Licenses.
To get your hands on packs, join live drops or take advantage of the packs reserved exclusively to new users.

The thrill of getting your pack and discovering what’s inside is unmatched! We think the MFL pack-opening experience is just as exciting as ripping open a physical collectible pack. If you're lucky, you might land some Rare or Legendary players!

To buy your first pack:

Head to the Store
Select the pack you wish to purchase. As a new user, 3 Starter Packs and 2 Club Packs are reserved for you.
Purchase the Pack within the reservation time. Follow the instructions to complete the payment using your Dapper Balance or credit card.
You can access your purchased packs from your MY HQ page.

Need help with the Dapper wallet?
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How can I fund my Wallet?

Enjoy the opening, and good luck!

New user reserved Packs

Ready to open a Starter Pack in My HQ

Updated on: 09/05/2024

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