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How can I get my first Club?

Become a Club owner

Clubs are at the very heart of MFL.
When you have your own Club, you'll have full control over it and be its Chairman, Manager, Scout and everything in between, allowing you to set up the perfect tactics, secure top talent, and go for glory in the MFL Leagues and tournaments.

So, let's go over how you can acquire your first club.

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- Buy a Club Pack
- Purchase a Club via the Marketplace
- I have a Club License - what now?

Option 1: Buy your reserved Club Pack

The first option is to buy the club pack that is reserved for you in your account. Purchasing this pack will make you the owner of a club license in the Stone Division, the lowest tier in the MFL pyramid. When you open it, you'll discover the country and city you will get to establish your club in.

To buy your Club Pack, log in to your account and click on your reserved Club Pack, then:
Click on 'GET MY PACK NOW'
Complete the checkout process using your Dapper Wallet - How can I fund my Wallet?
Open it up, enjoy the show!
Your Club license will appear in My HQ. You can Create your Club from there.

Option 2: Find a Club on the Marketplace

If you want to play in a higher division right away, or want to look for deals, you can take a look at listings from other club owners on the MFL Marketplace.
Buy a Club License and you'll have a blank canvas to work from, giving you the chance to design your club your own way, in the city specified on the license.
If you go for an established club, you'll inherit its identity, branding, and any players the club currently has under contract.

Navigating the MFL Marketplace

I've got a Club License, now what?

Create your Club and give it an identity - Creating and Rebranding your Club
Once that's done, it's time to build your first team - Building your first Team

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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