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Navigating the MFL Marketplace

Navigating the MFL Marketplace

The MFL Marketplace is a one-stop shop for buying and selling MFL assets, such as players and clubs, using real money.

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Purchasing Assets

Scout for hidden gems
Prospective buyers have many filtering and sorting options to identify potential targets to add to their agency. You can view detailed information about any player by navigating to their profile or using the table view.

Find your next club
Click on the Clubs tab to view club listings. Club licenses offer you the chance to start with a clean slate, being the first person to establish its identity and branding.
Buying an established club, on the other hand, means you will inherit the club's branding as well as any players it may have under contract.

To buy players and clubs on the Marketplace:

Identify the asset you wish to purchase, then click on BUY
Complete the transaction using your preferred payment method. More info about funding your wallet
Your newly acquired asset will show up in your My HQ page!

Listing Assets

To list your assets on the Marketplace:

Navigate to My HQ then to the Players or Clubs tab, depending on what asset type you're wanting to list.
Select your Player or Club and click on LIST FOR SALE
Enter your price and complete the listing
When sold, you will be notified in your Inbox and your wallet will be credited.

Selling assets on the marketplace incurs fees. The fees and final payout are both stated when listing your asset. Fees are only deducted upon the sale of the asset.

You can view recent marketplace activity thanks to the Activity tab

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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