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What happens when I buy a Club? Do I also receive its players?

What happens when I buy a Club?

If you get a Club pack

When you buy a Club via a Club pack, you will become the first-ever owner of the specific club license you'll find in the pack. Its location is assigned randomly, so you'll get to discover where your club will be located when you open it!
Once you have your license, you can then establish it and choose your club's name, colors, logo...

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If you're buying a Club on the Marketplace

When you buy a Club via the marketplace, you're buying a Club that is already in circulation. Sometimes it will be a bare license, sometimes it'll be an established and customized club with a name, logo and even players under contract.

Do I receive the players when I buy a club from the marketplace?

When you buy a Club, you take over its management. This means that if it has players under contract, and if it's participating in ongoing competitions, you inherit those things as the new Club owner. You will get to continue its path.

However, players that are under contract at a Club are only there for the duration of their contract. As the Club owner, you are simply employing them; you do not own the financial rights to the players and cannot sell them on. That is what the Agent role is for.

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Updated on: 27/05/2024

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